Boostable rolloff

In some of of my 2-way loudspeaker designs, baffle step (BS) is only partially compensated, the sound pressure therefore drops 3...6 dB from 1 kHz toward 100 Hz. The frequency response of my loudspeakers characterized with such rolloff can be corrected quite precisely by using the bass tone control with 100 Hz / 1 kHz breakpoints present in most integrated amplifiers, as shown in the next figure:

This gradual, declivous rolloff allows a more cost-effective crossover, because baffle step compensation would necessitate the use of an expensive, high inductance coil. Now without bass boost, such loudspeakers need to be placed near walls to ensure sufficient low frequency sound. In spite of that, the recommended positioning of my loudspeakers with "boostable rolloff" characteristics is often far from walls, because in this way they sound most clearly. In this setting a 3...6 dB bass boost on the amplifier is recommended.

The baffle step is always fully compensated in my 2.5-way loudspeakers, so they can be used without tone control when placed far from the walls.

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