Lithosphere 110

Audiophile spherical loudspeaker


Information only data

Frequency response with +6dB bass boost applied by using a tone control with 100Hz / 1 kHz breakpoints, 1/3 octave smoothing.


Nominal impedance

8 Ohms

Low frequency tuning

Closed box

Frequency response (-10 dB) 1


Frequency response +/-2.5dB 1


Rated noise power 2


Sensitivity 2

84 dB SPL/2.83V RMS/m

Magnetic shielding



Cream white

Enclosure construction

Two spheres joined together, the bigger one is connected to a tube, with spikeable limestone foot (for 4 pcs M5 thread spikes)


Concrete (spheres), plastics (tube), limestone (foot)


25 kg / pc

Overall size (Height x Width x Depth)

108 x 25 x 25 cm


1 pair of gold-plated banana binding post


18dB/octave @1,6kHz

Midwoofer features

Westra KW130-1398

- 110 mm diameter diaphragm

- impregnated, lacquered paper cone with rubber sorround

- smooth midrange

Tweeter features

- modified Vifa D27TG-45-06

- 25 mm diameter diaphargm

- impregnated textile dome

- ferrofluid cooling

- drilled pole piece with damping funnel behid the diaphragm

- low resonance frequency (800Hz)

Other characteristics

- smooth directivity pattern (spherical form)

- low enclosure wall resonances (concrete)

- acoustically integrated crossover

- excellent low frequency impulse response

- hand made, only 3 pairs of similar Lithosphere speakers exist

- it's recommended to use an active subwoofer for the reproduction of the the lowest sounds (those below 100 Hz), the subwoofer should be set to approximately 100 Hz cutoff frequency, inverted phase and at equal distance from the Lithosphere 110 midwoofer

Recommended amplifier power

50-100W on 8 Ohm


Recommended room size

15-25 m2

Recommended speaker and listener position

Speaker at least 1.5 m away from walls, and listener at a distance of 0.5...1.0 m.

Characteristics: Clear, detailed sound, but 6...7 dB bass boost is required.

Alternative position

Speaker very close to back wall. In this setting a bit of treble boost may be required, especially if there is much sound absorbing material in the room.

Characteristics: The midrange clarity is gone, but bass boost is not required.


- avoid square-shaped rooms when listening to the speaker from a far distance

- it's recommended for the listener's ear to be close to the height of the acoustical axis (here 95 cm), when listening to the speaker from a close distance

- when you place the speaker close to the wall, then the advantages of the spherical shape will be diminished

1 +6dB bass boost applied by using a tone control with 100Hz / 1 kHz breakpoints, 1/3 octave smoothing.

2 According to IEC 60268-5(2003) standard.