Useful links

Below I share a few links to sites mostly about loudspeaker design and DiY implementation that I found interesting and valuable.

Link collections for audiophile DIY speaker builders

A big link collection on audiophile DIY: TEWM audiophile DIY links

A big link collection on speaker DIY, unfortunately with many outdated links: Pjay's speaker DIY link collection

Link collection mostly on horn and TL speakers and tube amplifiers: mh-audio's links

Another, smaller link collection: diyaudioprojects

Shine7's audio links: shine7 audio

Paul Carmody's favorite speaker DIY links: DIY speaker links

DIY audio forums

The biggest DIY audio forum:

Audioasylum forum:

Speakerplans forum:

AVS forum DiY speaker topic:

Infinite baffle subwoofers forum: Infinitely baffled

Loudspeaker design, measurement, and loudspeaker building: theory and practice

A comprehensive site on loudspeaker theory, and design: diy-loudspeakers

Acoustics theory and sound system design: Art Ludwig

An excellent site on HIFI loudspeaker design and measurement:

The Linkwitz lab (no need to introduce for audiophiles): Linkwitzlab

A video course on loudspeaker design basics: Marius Tanasescu 101

A video course on loudspeaker measurement: Marius Tanasescu 201

A video course on crossover design: Marius Tanasescu on crossover design

Most of what you should know about building speakers, box and crossover wizard, and driver database: (in French)

Speaker building

An illustrated guide to building loudspeakers: instructables -- how to build custom speakers

A guide to build a simple loudspeaker enclosure, with many pictures: popularmechanics -- build your own speakers

Speaker building practical procedures and tips with pictures: Bill Collo

Description of the construction of various loudspeaker kits: (in German)


All the goodies about subwoofer DIY: diysubwoofers

Advantages of cardioid subwoofers: Cardioid bass

Collo's DiY subwoofer tools: Bill Collo

Speaker measurements, diagrams and data

Manufacturers' data

A very extensive database of speaker drivers with manufacturer data and parametric search option:

Speaker measurements independent of manufacturer

A few midwoofer and many midrange measurements with frequency response and distortion: Timothy Feleppa's measurements

John's many speaker measurements including frequency response, impedance, CSD, distortion, and T/S parameters: Zaph audio

Göran's speaker measurements with frequency response, distortion and T/S parameters: AudioExcite

Independent measurements of many fine speakers: Hificompass

Ampslab's favorite speakers with measurements: Ampslab's hifi drivers

Free loudspeaker measurement and/or design software

Audio measurement and analyser software: ARTA

Acoustical measurement and analyser software: REW

An excellent loudspeaker design software and surprisingly it's free! VituixCAD

Loudspeaker design and simulation software Basta! (Google says malware risk)

Crossover designer software: Xsim

Audio measurement software: RMAA

Direct radiator and horn loaded loudspeaker simulator: Hornresp

Frequency and impulse response measurement software: Holmimpulse

Enclosure calculations (low frequency curves and baffle step):

FRD/ZMA file based crossover simulator (German): xover204a or xover204a

Video tutorial for xover204a: xover204a video

Closed, ported and bandpass design software: WinISD

Free circuit simulators

SPICE simulator: LTspice

Circuit simulation: Qucs

DIY loudspeaker plans and kits

Links to existing DiY speaker designs: Partsexpress links

Göran's loudspeaker plans: AudioExcite

Troels Gravesen's designs: Troels Gravesen

Lots of DIY kits: Lautsprechershop

Seas DIY kits: Seas kits

Curt Campbell's kits: Speaker design works

Roman J. Bednarek's designs: RJB Audio

HHH kits: Humble Homemade Hifi

Kimmo Saunisto's designs:

Paul Carmody's designs: Undefinition

A big German speaker site with DiY plans: Acoustic design magazin (in German)

Completed speaker designs: htguide

Other interesting audio links

Probably the biggest audio related internet site list: audiogrid

A crash course on the fundamentals of audio: TEWM audio course

What counts and what counts not in modern audio formats?

Blog about building and measuring horn speakers: Joseph Crowe

Interesting horn speakers, for bass range, too: inlowsound (John Inlow)

Image showcase of homebuilt hi-fi components: Homebuilt hi-fi

Where to buy speaker drivers and speaker building accessories in Europe

Extensive product palette, low shipping cost to Europe (a Dutch company):






SB Acoustics, Monacor drivers; Jantzen accessories: Hangtechnika Kft.

Visaton, Monacor drivers, and accessories: Hangszóróbolt

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