Link collection on DiY loudspeaker design and building

Below I share a few links to sites mostly about loudspeaker design and DiY implementation that I found interesting and valuable.

Link collections for audiophile DIY speaker builders

A big link collection on audiophile DIY: TEWM audiophile DIY links

A big link collection on speaker DIY, unfortunately with many outdated links: Pjay's speaker DIY link collection

Link collection mostly on horn and TL speakers and tube amplifiers: mh-audio's links

Another, smaller link collection: diyaudioprojects

Shine7's audio links: shine7 audio

Paul Carmody's favorite speaker DIY links: DIY speaker links

DIY audio forums

The biggest DIY audio forum:

Audioasylum forum:

Speakerplans forum:

AVS forum DiY speaker topic:

Infinite baffle subwoofers forum: Infinitely baffled

Loudspeaker design, measurement, and loudspeaker building: theory and practice

A comprehensive site on loudspeaker theory, and design: diy-loudspeakers

Acoustics theory and sound system design: Art Ludwig

An excellent site on HIFI loudspeaker design and measurement:

Most of what you should know about building speakers, box and crossover wizard, and driver database: (in French)

A loudspeaker design example step by step: Dave Dal Farra

Speaker design video tutorials

For stark beginners  A practical speaker design video course: Kirby meets audio

For beginners  A video course on loudspeaker design basics: Marius Tanasescu 101

For beginners  A video course on loudspeaker measurement: Marius Tanasescu 201

For beginners  A video course on crossover design: Marius Tanasescu on crossover design

If you want to learn the scientific background behind audio design: Coursera Musical Sound and Electronics

Speaker building

For stark beginners  Basic tools to start DiY speaker building (video): Kirby meets audio

For stark beginners  How to choose speaker building materials (video): Kirby meets audio

For beginners  A guide to build a simple loudspeaker enclosure, with many pictures: popularmechanics -- build your own speakers

An illustrated guide to building loudspeakers: instructables -- how to build custom speakers

Speaker building practical procedures and tips with pictures: Bill Collo

Description of the construction of various loudspeaker kits: (in German)

Loudspeaker plans with downloadable CAD drawings: Frank Brüchert (in German)


All the goodies about subwoofer DIY: diysubwoofers

Advantages of cardioid subwoofers: Cardioid bass

Collo's DiY subwoofer tools: Bill Collo

Speaker measurements, diagrams and data

Manufacturers' data

A very extensive database of speaker drivers with manufacturer data and parametric search option:

Speaker measurements independent of manufacturer

A few midwoofer and many midrange measurements with frequency response and distortion: Timothy Feleppa's measurements

John Krutke's many speaker measurements including frequency response, impedance, CSD, distortion, and T/S parameters: Zaph audio

Göran's speaker measurements with frequency response, distortion and T/S parameters: AudioExcite

Independent measurements of many fine speakers: Hificompass

Ampslab's favorite speakers with measurements: Ampslab's hifi drivers

Free loudspeaker measurement and/or design software

Audio measurement and analyser software: ARTA

Acoustical measurement and analyser software: REW

An excellent loudspeaker design software and surprisingly it's free! VituixCAD

Loudspeaker design and simulation software Basta! (Google says malware risk)

Crossover designer software: Xsim

Audio measurement software: RMAA

Direct radiator and horn loaded loudspeaker simulator: Hornresp

Frequency and impulse response measurement software: Holmimpulse

Enclosure calculations (low frequency curves and baffle step):

FRD/ZMA file based crossover simulator (German): xover204a or xover204a

Video tutorial for xover204a: xover204a video

Closed, ported and bandpass design software: WinISD

Passive crossover designer spreadsheet: Jeff Bagby PCD

Box diffraction and boundary reinforcement simulator spreadsheet: Jeff Bagby BDBS

Free circuit simulators

SPICE simulator: LTspice

Circuit simulation: Qucs

DIY loudspeaker plans and kits

My price/performance ratio conscious DiY loudspeaker plans (preliminary): Euraudio

Links to existing DiY speaker designs: Partsexpress links

Göran's loudspeaker plans: AudioExcite

Troels Gravesen's designs: Troels Gravesen

Lots of DIY kits: Lautsprechershop

Seas DIY kits: Seas kits

Curt Campbell's kits: Speaker design works

Roman J. Bednarek's designs: RJB Audio

HHH kits: Humble Homemade Hifi

Kimmo Saunisto's designs:

Paul Carmody's designs: Undefinition

A big German speaker site with DiY plans: Acoustic design magazin (in German)

Completed speaker designs: htguide

Other interesting audio links

Probably the biggest audio related internet site list: audiogrid

A crash course on the fundamentals of audio: TEWM audio course

What counts and what counts not in modern audio formats?

Blog about building and measuring horn speakers: Joseph Crowe

Interesting horn speakers, for bass range, too: inlowsound (John Inlow)

Image showcase of homebuilt hi-fi components: Homebuilt hi-fi

The Linkwitz lab (no need to introduce for audiophiles): Linkwitzlab

Home page of the LDA low distortion power amplifier: Euraudio LDA

Where to buy speaker drivers and speaker building accessories in Europe

Thread on about Reliable speaker vendors in the EU









The Nederlands

Extensive product palette, low shipping cost within Europe:

Audio components

Speakerland (drivers but also speaker kits)


United Kingdom


Wilmslow audio

Main page