Help for DIY speaker builders

If you live in Budapest or near Budapest and you don't own an electroacoustical measurement system and/ or loudspeaker design and measurement software, but you want to embark on DIY speaker building, don't play pitch-and-toss with it. Blind chance is not your friend! Cooperate with me in each phase of loudspeaker building, starting with driver selection, through box sizing and crossover design, up to the measurements and fine tuning of the completed loudspeaker.

If you decide to build one of my existing preliminary designs, then I will give you unlimited free help (in my home) for loudspeaker measurements and for the fine tuning of the crossover until the project is satisfactorily concluded!

I can also help you for free in realizing your own speaker project (design and measurements)—at least until I have enough free time—if your concept rouses my interest and insofar as you agree that the copyright of the completed loudspeaker plan will belong to me. I only ask you that you do not quit before we reach completion of the project.

You may listen to a pair of loudspeakers in my home in Budapest that I designed and so you can decide whether this sound quality measures up and whether you want cooperate with me or not.

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