Euraudio MIB12 specifications

Welcome to the Euraudio MIB12 specifications, in which you can read about the system requirements (application criteria), operation and technical data of the MIB12.

The MIB12 is a Mains/line voltage input/distribution board with two, separately grounded auxiliary +12 VDC power supplies. It can configured for dual auxiliary supply (dual mono) or single auxiliary supply (mono or stereo) systems. Please find the MIB12dc, MIB12mc, and MIB12sc assembly instructions here.

MIB12 system requirements

What kind of amplifiers can the MIB12 be used for?

The MIB12dc is part of the dual mono Euraudio LDA 53DM DiY kit, the MIB12mc is part of the mono Euraudio LDA 53M kit, while  the MIB12sc is part of the mono Euraudio LDA 43S kit. The MIB12 PCB can be used for other audio amplifiers that need one or two +12V max. 90mA auxiliary power supplies.

For the MIB12dc, two on/off power switches are required for the two channels. For amplifiers with two transformers up to about 175 VA each, the two switches can be within a single double pole switch (DPST or DPDT). For amplifiers with bigger transformers, two separate switches are recommended that should be operated one after the other. This is to limit the rush-in current to levels that will not trip your household circuit breaker.

Up to what amplifier power can it be used?

It is recommended up to 2x250 W / 8 ohms or 4 ohms amplifier power.


The MIB12 has a mains/line voltage input connector, the line voltage then goes two ways to two channels. The following holds for each channel. Line voltage goes through two fuses (one on the live and one on the neutral line), then there is connection for an on/off power switch, and there is an X2 rated capacitor that filters the line voltage. A small transformer, rectifier bridge and voltage regulator provides +12 VDC with separate ground on each channel.

Although the simple X2 capacitor in the MIB12 board is deemed sufficient in most cases, you may also equip your amplifier with a more sophisticated power line filter. There are many IEC sockets with built-in, effective power line EMC filters in the market.

Technical data

At 25°C ambient temperature unless otherwise noted.

Mains/line input: max. 250 VAC, max. 5A

Recommended amplifier power: max. 2x250 W /  4 ohms or 8 ohms

MIB12dc aux. supply voltage output: 2x +12 VDC, max. 45mA each

MIB12mc aux. supply voltage output: +12 VDC, max. 45mA

MIB12sc aux. supply voltage output: +12 VDC, max. 90mA


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